The new normal beckons new ways of learning

Not so long ago, when the world had not yet heard of Covid-19, “screen time” was the code word most parents used so that they could sip on that cup of tea (or that glass of wine) in peace. Of course a “well meaning” relative or two may have called it “ruining” a child’s future. 

Now with the pandemic defining the new normal, “screen time” is the need of the hour. The irony, heh!

One week of continued “screen time” AKA distance learning, and now I  am officially qualified to be the President of the “Yeller’s Anonymous” Club. 

After being at loggerheads with my 4 year old, with no real solution in sight (where is that vaccine!?) I have now decided to make my peace with “the new normal beckons new ways of learning”. 

Here is an elaboration if you will. 

“See!!!!!, Ammaaaa….there are 13 ‘buttons”! 

Math – ✅

Turns out there are 13 keys on the topmost row of my keyboard. Please tell me you didn’t know that too.


“Amma, Did you know that the word “G-o-o-g-l-e” has two “Os” in it?”

Literacy – ✅

Yes, knowing how to spell Google is highly beneficial in the larger scheme of things. 


Opens five google tabs within seconds. And types YouTube faster than his name. 

Fine Motor Skills – ✅

How on earth do they learn all this stuff in nanoseconds when a simple “put your shoes back in the rack” takes light years to comprehend!?!


“Teacher, is the activity over? Can I take a break now?”

Communication – ✅

 To teachers all over the world, I salute you!


Looks at screen squinting his eyes

“Amma, who is behind <insert name of classmate>, Is that his sister?”

“Is that Peppa Pig on < insert name of classmate> t shirt?”

Attention to detail – ✅

Why didn’t they teach me this in school?


On the ‘momentous’ occasion of a technical glitch when the screen is blank

 “The teacher has gone! Can I watch number blocks now?”

 Logical reasoning – ✅

I do not want to discuss this one.



Maybe I will live to tell the tale one day, about how “screen time” shaped my child’s learning in the midst of a global pandemic. 

In the meantime, I need another code word to survive this one. Suggestions, anyone?